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Wheels to Prosper

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Accepting nominations now until June 30th 2024!

The Wheels to Prosper initiative awards a worthy and deserving person from the community a car that has been fully serviced and in good working condition. The selection is made from nominations submitted by people in the community of those who continuously give back to others. Center Collision is proud to be a sponsor of this amazing program!

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Wheels to Prosper is not just a car giveaway. It’s a community event focused on recognizing an outstanding individual who is making a direct impact in our community regardless of the barriers inflicted on them without a vehicle.
We have had cars donated from In-N-Out Auto Sales; we’ve worked on cars brought to our shop the owner doesn’t want to pay to repair. Center Collision has the honor of ensuring that vehicle is in good working order to provide safe, reliable transportation to our Wheels to Prosper recipient.
Not only does the recipient receive a car but we lean on our community and networking partners to help with expenses that prevent people from vehicle ownership. Small businesses send us gracious raffle prizes and collection funds for gas cards and even to prepay for car insurance! It truly is a beautiful gathering of people who love our community and have a heart to serve it.
There isn’t a dry eye in the house when we read the nomination letters before announcing the recipient. I say recipient, not winner, because this vehicle is earned! Last year’s recipient was a para-educator who goes above and beyond to improve the lives of special needs students. Our first winner was a single mom who took the bus to read to seniors, she is still using the vehicle from Wheels to Prosper to do even more for our honored senior community members! Now, she has more time because she doesn’t have to wait on the inefficient public transit system. It’s getting to see how much a vehicle can make a difference in the life of someone who is improving lives all around, that makes this effort worthwhile.
Come see this powerful event for yourself and join us July 13, 2024, at 11am as we award our 7th vehicle! Center Collision is located at 1111 Center St., Tacoma, WA 98409.

Please mail, or personally deliver your corresponce to :

Center Collision

1111 Center  Street 

Tacoma, WA 98409

Attn: Wheels to Prosper

Nomination forms are also available online at

https://qr.link/962eVL or by scanning QR code to fill out form directly.

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