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Saab Collision Repair

If your Saab has been damaged in a crash or collision, Center Collision is here to provide timely and accurate auto body work. Vehicle owners in Tacoma trust us to deliver superior results that they can appreciate behind the wheel and on the road. As an independent auto body shop, we’re not tied to any big name brand that dictates our prices or performance, yet we still maintain the certification and training necessary to provide exceptional service and repairs for your Saab.
saab collision repair

Your Dependable Auto Body & Collision Shop For Saab Vehicles In Tacoma

Saab cars, especially the turbo models, became popular in the 1980s when young professionals sought them out for their utility and quirky hatchback body style. While the brand no longer produces cars today, there are still many Saabs on the road, from the vintage 900 Turbo to the 9-5 sedan, which is still impressive for its safety technology. If you drive a Saab in the Tacoma area, we can take care of any repairs you need, and keep your Saab on the road. Today’s cars and trucks are very reliable and able to withstand a lot of wear and tear, but a crash or collision can cause major damage to your Saab, and maybe even some hidden damage that can shorten the life of your vehicle.
Our technicians will give you honest, straightforward advice on repairs, and will never try to sell you repairs that you don’t need or want. We also regularly deal with insurance companies, and help you with your insurance claim. Your Saab deserves a skillful, dependable auto body mechanic backed by a high-functioning collision shop. Come by our shop in Tacoma, contact us online or by phone to make an appointment today!
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